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What is this agreement

What is this agreement?      
This is not a financial agreement! This is an agreement signed before marriage that includes various mechanisms that can ensure that if g-d forbid, you part ways, it will take place in an honorable and just fashion.

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Why should you sign such an agreement?
Israeli law states that in order to divorce both parties must agree. If one side refuses, the other side may find themselves in a situation of "get-refusal" and "chained" to a marriage against their will. In this situation, financial blackmail is often used  in exchange for the get. The signing of this type of agreement is a declaration that your marriage will be based on the principles of equality, love, trust and mutual respect.

How does it work?
In cases of get-recalcitrance, the recalcitrant party will pay for every day of refusal and thus will have a financial incentive to agree and not refuse.

How do you choose a prenuptial agreement?
ICAR advises each couple to sign a prenuptial agreement that is right for them according to their world view after receiving appropriate legal advice. The prenuptial agreement can be found in the following languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, French and Spanish. For a detailed list of the member organizations in ICAR that give advice on the subject - click here