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Services for Agunot

  1. Yad L'isha
    tel. 1-800-200-380 Hotline: 1800-200-380  fax 02-6728901
    Provides Agunot and Mesuravot Get with free legal advice and representation in the rabbinical courts.
  2. Mavoi Satum
    Tel. 02-6712282 Hotline: 08-6421313  Email: .il
    Provides assistance to Agunot and Mesuravot Get 
  3. Itim - The Right to Live Jewish
    Tel.  1-700-500-507email
    Provides free legal advice regarding the signing of prenuptial agreements to avoid get-refusal.
  4. The Center for Women's Justice
    tel. 02-5664390 fax 02-5663317 email
  5. Kolech - Religeous Women's Forum
    tel. 02-6720321 fax 02-6730595 email  
  6. tel. 747-800-600 email 
  7. Naamat
    tel. 03-6921387 email 
  8. Wizo
    Tel. 03 6923791