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Public Awareness

How many women in Israel are mesuravot get? Is it their problem alone, or does it extend to society in general? How many of these women do you know?

Although the issue of mesuravot get appears in the media quite frequently, it has yet to be taken seriously and solved, even though like all social problems – affects society as a whole, not only those who suffer from it directly.
Refusal to grant a religious divorce is a violation of human rights and the ideals of equality, personal freedom, marriage, and happiness. The suffering caused by these violations is a burden for both the women themselves and the entire social and political structure that permits such violations to occur.

Finding a solution to the problem is everyone’s responsibility. The husbands who create agunot and mesuravot get violate not only women’s rights, but those of their children and extended families as well. In many cases, abuse – be it physical, sexual, or economic – begins at an earlier stage in the marriage.

ICAR works to place the issue of mesuravot get on the public agenda and advocate change through media coverage, political lobbying, and public information campaigns. The coalition consists of volunteer organizations that are devoted to the same general cause – protecting the rights of Israeli citizens.

A few of ICAR’s most successful activities to raise public awareness include:

  1. Declaration of Ta’anit Esther (the Fast of Esther) as the Day for Agunot and Mesuravot Get.
  2. Distribution of special prayers for the salvation of Agunot.
  3. Initiating artistic visualization of the subject
  4. Protests in front of the Knesset building, the Rabbinical Courts and the homes of offending husbands.