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Promoting Prenups

ICAR believes that couples who sign the prenuptial agreement to avoid get recalcitrance are less likely to reach the point of get recalcitrance at the time of divorce and thus reduce the numbers of mesuravot get. Moreover, the signing of the prenuptial agreement to avoid get recalcitrance signifies the commitment of the couple to base their marriage on values of equality, respect and fairness.

ICAR strongly encourages all couples before marriage to seek legal advice on which prenuptial agreement is best suited to their needs. Member organizations in ICAR provide advice on the subject. 

This is not a financial agreement! This is an agreement signed before marriage that includes various mechanisms that can ensure that if g-d forbid, you part ways, it will take place in an honorable and just fashion. Prenuptial agreements which organize the financial management of the newly established family have become more and more acceptable amongst the general Israeli public in recent years. In this regard it is important to point out that a financial prenuptial agreement is essentially an ancient Jewish custom – as also the Ketubah  is a contractual arrangement.

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