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"Mesuravot Get" (women refused a Jewish writ of divorce)

Midrash of Refused/ Rivka Lubitch 
"Zaakat Dalot”  - a journal of The Schechter Institute which presents personal stories of Agunot and women refused a get, and suggestions for solutions. Follow the link “Responses for today” on the main page.
Get-refusal and Get delaying tactics in Israel -a document which was written in the center for research and information of the Knesset, for the committee for the advancement of women. Presents data about the situation of Get-refusal and Get delaying tactics in Israel.
Marital Relations laws - summary of a Law course that relates in length to issues of marriage, divorce, and annulment of marriage.
Financial arrangements - Should a couple deal with issues of divorce, death, and financial agreements at the time when they wish to get married and build their home?


According to Jewish Law:

Gittin - Bavli Talmud
Yevamot - Bavli Talmud 
Takanot of the Agunah  - The essence of the problem and its evolvement. A summary of adjudicators’ opinions on the issue of freeing Agunot, the importance of this, and the special ordinations which were given over the years- A detailed article in the site "Daat". 
The conditions for annulment of marriage and a woman's testimony in Get coercion  - Discussion of the question in the site of the Hesder Yeshiva Heichal Eliyahu

Special cases

Who will free Tami Arad  - Sarah Leibovitz-Dar’s article in “Ha’aretz” newspaper, regarding Tami Arad, the wife of the captive Israeli navigator, Ron Arad.
The Agunot from the twin towers - an article presenting the Halachic discussion over the question of whether a wife of a man who was killed in the twin towers catastrophe is considered a widow or an Agunah? Is it possible to cancel her marriage?

The situation in Israel

The number of Agunot and women refused a divorce in Israel -a document which was written by The Center for Research and Information of the Knesset, November 2005

Prenuptial Agreements to avoid get-recalcitrance
New website - Get Your Get
Rachel Levmore, "The Prenuptial Agreement for the Prevention of GET-Refusal", 
Susan H. Sachs, "On get-refusal, prenuptial agreements and marital counseling", Jerusalem Post 4.10.07 

Women’s status, Rabbinical courts and Hebrew law

Marital Relations laws and women’s status in the Rabbinical courts- Information from The Israel Women's Network
"Nobody speaks of justice" an article by Hanah Kehat, former chairperson of Kolech- the forum of religious women that brings up known matters of Rabbinical court legislation and leadership in the religious world.
The Rabbinical courts site - Site of the Rabbinical court administration. An additional tool for finding husbands of Agunot, where they call upon the public to help gather information about them.
Family laws - an article by Dr. Ruth Halperin Kadari

Centers of assistance, research, and public activity

The Agunot Campaign - Active in Britain, holds the stand that the situation of these women contradicts the justice values of the Halacha. (The site is in English). The Research unit for Agunot - a unit that the Center for Jewish Studies in Manchester University has createed. The site includes information on the subject of Agunot, possible solutions, and an option for handing in research proposals (the site is in English).

JOFA - Jewish Orthodox Femanis Alliance