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ICAR current members

Tahel Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children

24-hour hotline service provides emotional support and advice for women or children who are in crisis in Hebrew, English, Amharit and Russian. Phone: - 02-673-0002 or 1-800-220230.


The mission of ITIM is to expand Jewish life and create avenues of access for all, to serve as an address for the critical moments of Jewish life. with the long term goal of providing detailed support, counsel and information in Jewish life to anyone in need.  ITIM seeks to offer tools that allow for the creation of meaningful lifecycle ceremonies.

Kolech – Religious Women’s Forum

The Religious Women's Forum is the only apolitical, nationwide organization dedicated to the advancement of women within the framework of Jewish Law (Halacha). The Forum seeks to encourage the advancement of religious women within the religiously observant orthodox community. Phone: 02-6720321

NCJW – National Council of Jewish Women

The National Council of Jewish Women is a volunteer organization that has been at the forefront of social change for over a century. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW courageously takes a progressive stance on issues such as child welfare, women's rights, and reproductive freedom. Phone: 212 645 4048

The Center for Women in Jewish Law at the Schechter Institute

Conducts and publishes advocacy research in the area of Jewish Law and women. It has published seven issues of the Jewish Law Watch, a biannual journal that offers alternative halakhic opinions to those of the Orthodox rabbinic courts in cases of agunot. It also published Za'akat Dalot, Halakhic Solutions for the Agunah of Our Time (2006) and  the To Learn and To Teach series in five languages. Issues are available to the public at or

The Center for Women’s Justice
The Center for Women’s Justice is a cutting-edge public interest law organization that is leading the battle to defend the basic human rights of Jewish women in Israel to equality, dignity and justice within Jewish law.  With the aim of achieving social justice and systemic change, CWJ successfully challenges the rulings and procedures of Israel’s often discriminatory and unfair rabbinic court system through innovative litigation and public awareness activities.

The Masorti (Conservative) Movement
The Masorti Movement is a pluralistic, religious movement in Israel, affiliated with Conservative Judaism. Its philosophy combines commitment to Jewish tradition and halachah (law) with an open and positive approach to the modern world, to democratic culture and to Zionism.Tel: +972 (2) 5658000

The Ruth and Emanuel Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women, Bar Ilan University 
Founded in 2001 in order to eradicate discrimination against women and strengthen their status in Israeli society by translating academic knowledge and research into practical steps and activities.

Women's League Masorti, Israel

is the Israel branch of International Women's League for Conservative/Masorti Judaism—the largest synagogue-based women's organization in the world. Main goals are education for women and support for individual congregations. They initiate and direct four women's study days, which annually draw 750 women. Its four language-format, has enabled women from many backgrounds to bond together and study issues facing Jewish women including the fight for rights of agunot.

Yad L’Isha – The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center & Hotline
The Legal Aid Center offers assistance to Israeli women of financially limited means in legal matters pertaining to the process of obtaining a get. Clients are offered legal advice as well as representation in the Rabbinical Courts. In addition, callers to the Hotline receive free advice in matters pertaining to personal status and divorce.Phone: 1-800-200-380, 02-671-0876

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