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Study Day
ICAR encourages the deep and thorough study of the problem of the Agunah and Mesuraevet Get and the possible solutions that exist to the problem within Jewish law, in particular that of the prenuptial agreement. We hope and believe that this will bring about a renaissance of thought and action in the field. We call upon the public to teach and study the subject, in schools, yeshivot, batei midrash, year programs, universities, and other appropriate circles.

ICAR invites you to join our Study Day initiative and we have prepared a number of educational materials in order to enable you to choose the tool most appropriate and interesting for the age and knowledge of the participants:

  1. A source booklet in English, which includes a lesson plan titled: “Solutions within Halacha to the problem of get recalcitrance” 
  2. A guided screening of our short film on prenuptial agreements (10 minutes in Hebrew with English subtitles) entitled "Signing with Love" 
  3. An expert lecture on the topic of Agunot and Mesuravot Get (call ICAR's offices at 02-6721401);
  4. On-line sources
  5. ICAR's Library – open Sunday-Thursday from 9:00-15:00 (by appointment only at tel. 02-6721401);
  6. The ICAR and Snunit Website - A gateway for communicating with students, teachers, and the general public.