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ICAR believes that education is the key to change. Our education project is geared to raise awareness of the problem of the Agunah, but even more importantly, to expand the knowledge within the Jewish community as to the possible solutions that exist to the problem within Jewish law, in particular that of the prenuptial agreement. We believe that studying the subject will eventually bring about a grassroots call for change so that no Jewish woman or man will be chained to an unwanted marriage.

We call upon the public to teach and study the subject, in schools, yeshivot, batei midrash, year programs, universities, and other appropriate circles. You can create your own material on the subject, use any of the materials available on this site or contact us and invite a guest lecturer.


 ICAR sees great importace in recruiting the cooperation and participation of rabbis in the public debate on the issue and in the search and application of equitable and Halachically compatible solutions to the problem.
ICAR encourages rabbis to write and lecture on the subject and calls upon them to lead the way towards an equitable and just solution to the problem of the Agunah, including a public call to young couples to sign prenuptial agreements.

 Education Materials:

  1. A source booklet in English, which includes a lesson plan titled: “Solutions within Halacha to the problem of get recalcitrance”; click here to download the booklet as a PDF file
  2. A short 10 minute clip of real couples telling why they signed a prenuptial agreement (in Hebrew with English subtitles)
  3. A lecturer's guide  to the screening of our short film on prenuptial agreements;  
  4. A screening of the film "Sentenced To Marriage";
  5. An expert lecture on the topic of Agunot and Mesuravot Get;
  6. On-line sources;
  7. ICAR Library – open Sunday-Thrusday from 9:00-15:00 (by appointment only tel 02-6721401);
  8. The ICAR and Snunit Website - A gateway for communicating with students, teachers, and the general public.
  9. Articles on the JOFA web site.