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  1. Rackman survey June 2004 - 100,000 women have been mesuravot get since the establishment of the State of Israel
  2. Mesuravot Get in Israel - The Research Center of the Knesset July 2003
  3. Rabbinical Court statistics June 2007 - 180 mesuravot get (women) and 190 mesuravei get (men)
  4. Rackman Center survey July 2013One in three women in the process of getting a divorce in Israel is subject to threats for a "get" (Jewish divorce) refusal and financial or other extortion on the part of her husband. The figures are even more alarming in the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector, where every other woman is threatened with a "get" refusal or blackmail.
  5. ICAR - every Jewish women who marries is a potential Agunah - the exact number of mesuravot get is unknown due to the different definitions to the term and the fact that the files of the Rabbinical Courts are confidential.