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Enforced Marginality - Jewish Narratives on Abandoned Wives

Bluma Goldstein


Marriage, Divorce and the Abandoned Wife in Jewish Law

Michael J. Broyde


On Women and Judaism - A View from Tradition

Blu Greenberg


Women and Jewish Law

Rachel Biale


Divorce in Jewish Law and Life

Irwin H. Haut


Jewish Legal Writings by Women

Edited by Micah Halpern & Chana Safrai


Men and Women: Gender, Judaism and Democracy

Rachel Elior, ed., (2004)


The Prenuptial Agreement, Halakhic and Pastoral Considerations

Basil Herring, Kenneth Aumen


The tears of the oppressed

Dr. Aviad HaCohen


Women in Chains, A Sourcebook on the Agunah

Jack Nusan Porter, ed.


Talmud-based solutions to the problem of the Agunah Avishalom Westreich