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ICAR fights against legislative reforms that would further harm Agunot and Mesuravot Get. In this capacity the coalition is currently dealing with the following issues:

  1. Working to end the Race of Jurisdiction between the rabbinical and family courts on ancillary matters;
  2. Working to insular child support from the actual divorce proceedings;
  3. Working to equate the fees of the rabbinical courts and the family courts to remove incentives to turn to the former;
  4. Fighting against continuous efforts to expand the jurisdiction of the Rabbinical Courts;
  5. Fighting against attempts to cancel the young child presumption;
  6. Raising the awareness about overt and covert extortion that takes place in the rabbinical courts.
  7. Advocating for the appointment of rabbinical judges who are aware and attentive to the problems of agunot and mesuravot get.