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  • Advocacy - ICAR fights against legislative amendments that would further harm Agunot and Mesuravot Get.
  • EducationICAR encourages the deep and thorough study of the possible solutions that exist to the problem of the Agunah within Jewish law, in particular that of the prenuptial agreement.
  • Legislative Reforms - ICAR initiates and drafts legislative reforms that will assist Agunot and Mesuravot Get .
  •  Public Awareness - ICAR encourages media coverage of the issue, initiates lectures, symposiums and special activities as well as public protests and demonstrations
  • Improving the Rabbinical Courts - ICAR promotes the appointment of suitable rabbinical court judges.
  • Promoting the signing of prenuptial agreements to avoid get-refusal - ICAR believes that divorce should also incorporate values of equality and fariness.
  • Promoting systemic solutions to the problem - supporing the international Beit Din headed by Rabbi Krauss.